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1. The strength of the human spirit is not born of achievement as so many misunderstandings persist. Strength is a quality born from confidence, not in an act, but in the essence of one's very soul.

2. How can humans fear love when love is only possible through life. Love alone does nothing, it must be and can only be channeled through a living vessel so it is safe to say then, that when an individual claims a fear of love, they really mean they lay claim to a fear of life.

3. The soul is from Heaven, the body from earth.

4. Without tools no physical creation is possible, just as without tools of emotion, no structure in human life can be achieved, no growth, no maturity, no deepening of love.

5. How can the achievers reach their full potential when they are scorned by the masses, out of their own irresponsible lack of man's highest ability - the ability to see truth. Truth being the rescuer of, by its actualization of both the justice and liberation of the human spirit, held in bondage by social shackles called accepted behavior.

6.If the forum of our political arena was truly on pragmatic sanction, dichotomy, and motivation, instead of expropriations, denunciation, and malevolency, the theory of our systems could be practiced through a sequential truest approach instead of a phantom existence based on aberration and existentialism.

7.The guardians of life are those who truly live life, for through living it they sanctify its validity. By learning from failures and respecting others as well as one's own rights, and not allowing any negativity to stunt growth by the onset of self-pity, through this methodology, there is a clear decisive picture of life's true guardian. The rest is all illusion.

8.The moment a soul is born, his life is forever immortalized by the testimony of his existence. The cool slab of acknowledgment, his final sheet of comfort, is only the concrete endorsement affixed to his personage as a sign of the collective memories shared or remembered.

9.Only when a man and woman don't need each other can they truly want a partnership, equally matched and yet one in its being. One conducive to happiness and contentment, where both parties can thrive as individuals, without the loss of self, and share their ownselves with the union of both.

10. Preoccupation is the ruin of many a good man, for the ability to concentrate its focus unyielding is one of man's greatest achievements, for it is precisely that force that enables personal achievement, the success of any pursuit, and the sustenance of any vital relationship.

11. As the passengers are called, all tickets in hand and small luggage carried in tow, two stand in the silence, mist in their eyes, sharing the rejoicing of sweet reunion.

12. To look for happiness in man made manifestation is a futile attempt indeed, for true contentment comes from human ability to possess the intellect and emotional expression of man's totality, visible to the naked eye, and seen in any bare and simplistic mirror.

13. Freedom is an attitude that most know not at all. They rave for rights and lose their point, to only void their call.

14. To capture one's heartfelt desire is glorious if not miraculous. The love of one's life when found, if found, but then lost is unequivocally tragic. True love between compatible and equal individuals is almost a dream quite nearly recovered.

15. Who are you my mystery man, who I dream of, long for, and wait anticipating your arrival? Who are you my mystery man? Who?

16. Thought leads to realizations, realizations to truth, truth to motivation, motivation to actualization. Only in this order can conscious action take place.

17. Why would one choose the harsh seas of a storm when lagoons and calm waters do exist?

18. Before the words "IT'S IMPOSSIBLE" are uttered, one must ask, "Were the pyramids impossible? Was the flight of man impossible? Was the great wall of China, or the Taj Mahal impossible? Is walking in space or open heart surgery impossible?" Now ask yourself again, is any feat impossible to men of great passion?

19. The instantaneous moment a significant realization is reached, the splendor of life reaches an abyss, obtainable only through man's mental faculties. For a moment in time hangs in suspense as in silent acknowledgment of life's treasure, clearly available to the multitudes, but perceived by only a sprinkling of searching souls.

20. Long live the mother's ability to let her baby grow in tolerance and the righteousness of compromise.

21. Only the other half of my whole can read the language of my soul!

22. Courage is nothing more than confidence in one's own constitution - the belief that they can endure, and so do!

23. Hope is the one constant, for without it death of spirit must be consumed by the abstinence of any reliance upon one's tomorrow.

24. The regal pride of the royal philanthropist pompously blocks his wholesome intentions.

25. How can man achieve freedom within society when he is still incapable of freeing himself from the shackles of his own insecurity, the manacles of is own phantom fears, and the bounds of his own vulnerability?

26. The "would'ah", "could'ah", and "should'ahs" in life, if allowed, will leave any individual full of remorse, to never really appreciate the necessary passage to now, or sadder yet - tomorrow.

27. Loyalty is lie's sacred emotion. It is the only attribute known to man that can bind a relationship after the love and respect are gone.

28. If the focus of mankind was on the employment of premeditated action instead of intelligence, it would be an enlightening moment to see what wealth, intuitions, and production was obtainable to our less fortunate brothers - the masses.

29. Talent is merely the utilization of one's aptitude. To demonstrate an inherent ability is to make evident that proficiency.

30. While humans are believed to have only one life, isn't it true that each individual lives many, many lives with their one precious given?

31. Opposed to popular opinion, love and sex have no connection whatsoever, for there can be great sex with no love, and great love with no sex. So where is the secret formula for both?

32. When a soul mate is found and unattainable, should one continue in search?

33. The beauty of self-help is the ability to share one's health by spreading that health to others...

34. The intensity of a man's wants is what separates him from inferior forms of life and determines his level of attainable success. So why must he be slandered and condemned for the visible strength of what in reality is an admirable proprietary right?

35. If our social system would stop preaching narcissism and begin preaching metaphysics instead, man would see that only through the second can the first be achieved.

36. Instead of the creed, "LIFE IS A BITCH", why doesn't mankind look inward for the real infliction of pain and hardship?

37. Bliss is an emotion induced by common infatuation. Do not misinterpret its representation when the real apex is yet uncovered.

38. Deceit is the corruption that eats away at all good and happy conditions.

39. Do the attributes and deficiencies of a single personality function independently within a multi-personality case; i.e. depending on the strengths or weaknesses, are various brain zones being utilized in one and not another, and if so, when personalities are merging together by professional interventions, can attributes be incorporated and not deficiencies?

40. To understand another's views, one must put themselves in the other party's shoes to see the perspectives and subjective insights only visible through their eyes.

41. Politics are nothing more than an arena designed to make war seem civilized.

42. Compassion is life's cure all, not love.

43. Time cures all so I've been told, but does it?

44. Love is but tears in liquid form.

45. Only a child sees with innocents. Only a young adult lives by mere emotion. Only a middle aged person can live day to day. Only an elder can appreciate it all.

46. Does man need God because he cannot stand on his own merit?

47. The fortune of a man should be measured not by his amassed money, but instead his good deeds. Money comes and goes, but good deeds live on even after they are done.

48. If the structure of a building were comparable to the structure of government, no high rise could exist for its foundation would quiver and fall from the use of inadequate and primitive tools.

49. Which wealth offers the most comfort: Financial, emotional, or intellectual? Choose carefully, the possible repercussions are at times not worth the chose.

50. Is man's need for camaraderie stronger than his need for love?

51. Can male and female humans truly be friends or does the sexual undertones impair their unity?

52. The maternity of a woman speaks emphatically louder than any other facet of her personality. This is clearly evident in her initial response to a rambunctious child.

53. Love means caring about something no matter what.

54. Is there any difference between a spark igniting a whole forest, forever altering its appearance, substance, and life, and a single spark between two compatible individuals?

55. "We can still be friends" is one of the most abused sentences in language today. It falls just short of "I love you" and "I'll always be here for you". Veterans of the adult games know better than to accept any one of these at face value. Proof is now required, for the meaning has been lost, along with its validity. Behavior now says it all, but it must be remembered that behavior too can be falsified - its evidence cannot.

56. Love is the water of emotion, without it you die.

57. Is the presence of greed the true downfall of man, or is the true downfall of man his own insecurity?

58. I wonder, wander, and wonder.

59. The element of danger perplexes every man. For in its commanding domination, it seeks to conquer life's very reality.

60. Is it the same chemistry between men and women, that same identical fusion that sparks the life of a new baby's conception?

61. Though it is surprising to consider, sometimes something done for the wrong reason can often lead to the salvation of a soul.

62. One of the saddest commentaries for our day and age is not that the masses believe in truth anymore, it is that the majority of man would much rather believe lies.

63. If the universe is infinite, than it is not relative. If it is not relative, does it exist?

64. Bigotry, greed, contempt, and cut throat ambition will never be the mark of success, yet these are the avenues pursued as the path to achievement of an individual's self-worth.

65. How pompous we American's sit, secure in our single family homes, when in actuality we are as simple and unprotected as third-world nations, only masked with the luxuries of materialism.

66. Since water seeks its own level, does man's acclimation also fall within the law of nature?

67. If the achievement of logic was taught to children, no platform would continue to exist for the mindless garble of the incompetency of sniveling cowards called liberals for human rights!

68. Stupidity exists somewhere between ignorance and brilliance.

69. Because we know that insects sleep, can we assume that they dream?

70. Why is intimacy the highest hope, man's worst fear, and the hardest to obtain today?

71. If man's true life, as so many believe, is to be lived within or as part of an union, and if DESTINY is a conjunctive factor, creating these unions, why are there so many divorces?

72. Strength comes from wisdom, not conviction.

73. The cold hand of death grasps its unsuspecting victim to effortlessly pull the mortal down to the depths of hell in unexpecting horror of the fate yet to be judged.

74. For true escape artists, escapism is a love brought about not by the illusion of re-creation, but as the physical manifestation of an emotional state.

75. Obligation is merely an induced form of manipulation imposed by society to control the behavior of the masses.

76. A forest weeps as fire engulfs the life once held sacredly within.

77. The sensitivity I shelter is hidden from all but me, though every once in a blue moon, a sliver do other's see!

78. The time-killing pastime of T.V. watching is only one's futile attempt to hide their own unemployment of productivity.

79. How can someone so very close be so very far away?

80. A child's smile, a loving touch, a good book, and one surrounded by friendship can over come any trial and tribulation of life.

81. Do birds in flight get lonely?


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