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This "Coffee Table Book" was written by Robin Renee' Lucero during the age of approximately 20 to 34. Having been a dedicated writer, she wrote two other books, one fiction entitled "Amber's Waves of Gold", and a historical book on the Native American culture, entitled "Summer Sky". Due to an untimely illness and transition, her dream to have these books published never came to pass.

It is in her memory that this site has been created, to share her thoughts, poems, and essays on various subjects with the reader, as well as using graphics that she herself would have chosen.

Robin will take you on her journey of the feelings of pain and abandonment due to an early divorce, the joy of motherhood, a prideful granddaughter, a loving daughter, and the uniting with her "soulmate". You will "feel" her spiritual being, experience her thoughts on humankind, what life is about, and read her views on the subjects of money, politics, loneliness, defeat, maturity, and other matters.

Robin's page entitled "Words to Ponder" will give you hours of wonder and philisophical thought.